The river looks beautiful at sunset.


Hi Rabindra,
I just wanted to tell you that I feel like your advice and coaching has kicked my intuition and focus on my life goals and beliefs to another level. And I feel like I have a couple of drops of water in my life cup and I am thirsty for more! I will never be bored again. I want to thank you for allowing me to find that myself. A lovely gift of which I am eternally grateful for. I am very pleased to hear that you will be coming to the Isa again. I look forward to your visit.

- Kate, Australia


This was the most valuable lesson I have ever taken/learnt. Now, I understand the basic structures and the principles considering the "Fundamental Layers" that compose a human being. I never thought that Meditation had lots of philosophical backgrounds. At first, my impression on Meditation was; "Its some sort of tactics to calm yourself". It was quite intersting how you part your mind and "Your self" , where you say "My Mind", not "I Mind". I hope I can get close to the discoveries of such sytems. 

- Shinya, Japan


Wisdom Yoga is a place where I have experienced fullness of Yoga through right posture and Breathing techniques. The Pranayama techniques followed here have genuinely helped me to bring inner peace and calmness. In today’s age, it surely helps combating stress. 

- Rupa, Indonesia